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Aardvark Language Services

Case Studies


Cirrus Research: Multilingual technical translation
Cirrus Research plc specialises in the manufacture of noise measurement products. They require a language services company to accurately translate documents for their international markets.

Cirrus has a particular requirement for highly accurate documentation in other languages. Aardvark is able to resource such translation projects with experienced technical translators who have the necessary eye for technical detail. Documents which need translating include technical brochures, user manuals, e-books, blogs and marketing copy. Because of the technical nature of the work, Cirrus is particularly interested in our ability to compile client-specific terminology databases and to effectively manage consistency across projects. They also appreciate our in-house design expertise which enables the translation process to be more closely integrated into the design and publication of documents, thus saving time and reducing the scope for errors.


NRS Healthcare: Translations for exported products
NRS Healthcare exports numerous products to various international markets, and currently has an ongoing requirement for translation services into four European languages.

Aardvark has been meeting NRS’s requirement for translation services since 2013. Documents include product brochures, user manuals and product descriptions for e-commerce. We have always been able to deliver quality translations on time and within budget. As a repeat client, NRS particularly benefits from our state-of-the-art cloud-based translation system which brings together efficient project management and translation memory (TM), thus enabling cost savings and consistency of translations, even across projects.


Concept & Langage: Interpreting in the nuclear industry
French company Concept et Langage International has an ongoing requirement for French<->English interpreters at nuclear safety reviews in France and Belgium.

Aardvark has been working with Concept et Langage for over four years. Trained interpreter and Aardvark Managing Director, Nathaniel Elcock, works personally with colleagues from across Europe to provide bilingual interpreting services to end clients in the French nuclear industry. This can include site visits, meetings, presentations and interviews.


VIDAR Media Group: Translation into German for exhibition

We were approached by VIDAR Media Group to translate exhibition text and materials into German within a very tight time frame.

This project combined the requirement for high accuracy and attention to detail with fast turnaround and dependable service. VIDAR was designing and delivering a trilingual exhibition in the Republic of Ireland for the Taoiseach’s Office. We were able to provide an extremely high quality translation service, and combine this with the requirement to be available outside of normal working hours. As a result, VIDAR was able to complete the work on time – and under budget.


Visit Helmsley: Chinese tourist brochures
Visit Helmsley asked us to translate their tourist brochure into Chinese. Design and formatting was going to be an additional challenge with this graphics-heavy document.

We were able to provide Visit Helmsley with a quick turnaround on this project, while following our strict quality control processes. The translation was performed by a professional translator, and subsequently revised by a second translator. Thanks to our in-house design expertise, we were then able to work closely with Visit Helmsley’s graphic designers to provide a fully integrated translation and design service. The final draft underwent an additional check of language and formatting, and the artwork was sent to print with confidence. The finished product looked great!

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Why Choose Aardvark?

  • Personal service
  • Managed by language professionals
  • Qualified and professionally accredited linguists
  • Specialist conference interpreters
  • Mother-tongue translators only
  • Revision as standard on all managed projects
  • Industry-leading translation tools
  • Variety of file formats supported
  • Experts in design and desktop publishing software

Some of the sectors we work in

  • Engineering
  • Aerospace
  • Nuclear energy and power generation
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Heavy industry
  • IT and telecomms
  • Transport
  • Leisure and Hospitality
  • Tourism
  • Healthcare
  • Contracts
  • Local government

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