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Aardvark Language Services


We have clearly defined processes in place for all types of project.

If you’re looking for a polished subtitling job, you’ve come to the right place! Each aspect of your audiovisual translation project, whether linguistic or technical, is handled by trained professionals who are experts in their field. Here are the main steps in translating your audiovisual content:



Before we can do anything, we need to transcribe the original script. A native linguist will listen to your content and type out everything which is said. It will also usually be necessary to ‘time-code’ the script, so there is an accurate record of when – and for how long – each sentence or phrase is spoken.


It’s now time to translate the content. A trained translator will work through each phrase or sentence and translate it appropriately. This is where audiovisual translation differs a little from conventional translation, as there are considerations which may be more important than literal accuracy. For example, one language may use many more words than another to express the same idea. But if only a very short time is allowed by the video footage, the translator will have to use fewer words. Creative solutions are required in order to convey your message faithfully despite the various constraints.


Once the translated script is complete, we’ll select an appropriate voice artist and set about recording the content in our professional recording studio. A linguistic director will be present to oversee the process live, and this is included in our prices.


Our technician will now use the time codes noted in the original transcript to painstakingly mix the new voice track into the original footage. Music and/or sound effects can also be mixed in at this stage. After a final quality control, the new version(s) are ready to send over to you for your approval.


Once you’re happy, we compile the final high-quality version(s) in whatever format you requested, and deliver them to you. Job done!

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Why Choose Aardvark?

  • Personal service
  • Managed by language professionals
  • Qualified and professionally accredited linguists
  • Specialist conference interpreters
  • Mother-tongue translators only
  • Revision as standard on all managed projects
  • Industry-leading translation tools
  • Variety of file formats supported
  • Experts in design and desktop publishing software

Some of the sectors we work in

  • Engineering
  • Aerospace
  • Nuclear energy and power generation
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Heavy industry
  • IT and telecomms
  • Transport
  • Leisure and Hospitality
  • Tourism
  • Healthcare
  • Contracts
  • Local government

Aardvark Language Services Ltd


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